• What are hamstring rehab exercises?

    Hamstring rehabilitation exercises can aid recovery and help prevent future injuries. Rehabilitation protocols typically call for a combination of stretching and strengthening movements.

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  • Pediatric, adult patients had similar improvement after endoprosthetic reconstruction

    Although pediatric patients undergoing endoprosthetic reconstruction for primary bone tumors had better functional outcomes than adults throughout treatment, results showed both groups had similar overall improvement at 1 year.

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  • Tips To Avoid Swollen Feet And Ankles During Travel

    Swollen feet and ankles can cause discomfort during long travel or long-haul flights. A static sitting position decreases your muscle activity and restricts blood flow.

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  • Why sitting with crossed legs could be bad for you

    Are you sitting comfortably? Just pause for a moment and without adjusting, notice your posture. What are your legs doing? Are they crossed? And are you a right or left crosser? Some 62% of people cross right over left, 26% go the other way and 12% have no preference.

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  • 5 Reasons Your Knee Still Hurts After Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopic knee surgery is used to treat knee conditions, including cartilage injuries, meniscus tears, and ligament problems. Because it uses several small incisions rather than a large one, people tend to return to their activities more quickly and with less pain. But that's not true for everyone.

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