• Internal Impingement Shoulder Injuries Overview

    Internal impingement is a specific type of shoulder injury that is seen primarily in throwing athletes.

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    Knee injuries are common in sports and unfortunately many athletes don’t return to the game. A new study, “Psychological, social and contextual factors across recovery stages following a sport-related knee injury: a scoping review,” published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on February 14, 2020 suggests that recognizing the psychological and social factors can improve recovery.

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  • Developmental Hip Dysplasia in Children

    The pelvis is the large flat bone that makes up the buttock. The femur (long thighbone) fits together in the pelvis to make the hip joint. DDH is when the head (tip) of your child's femur does not fit correctly into hip sockets.

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  • How to Treat 10 Common Playground Injuries

    There’s no avoiding it. Kids play tough. Whether it’s the swing, the monkey bars or tumbling head first out of the twisty slide, eventually (sorry!) they get hurt.

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  • What's the Best Treatment for a Child's Broken Bone?

    Fiberglass and plaster casts are widely used to treat broken bones in kids, but they have drawbacks compared with other methods such as braces and splints, experts say.

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